Donations are extremely helpful to get the birds all the medical attention they need, not to mention the expense of food (fresh and packaged), toys, cages and many other expenses that come with owning a bird.

Things You Can Donate

  • FOOD - All kinds of seed, pellet and soak and cook food needed, Macaw, Parrot, Cockatiel and Parakeet.
  • FRESH FOOD AND PRODUCE - From local area only.
  • VITAMINS - Avian vitamins, supplements, Mineral Block and Cuddle Bone.
  • CAGES - New and used needed. We are not a cage facility, however they are needed for immediate separation and quarantine.
  • PERCHES - All types sizes and styles, rope, wood, plastic, etc.
  • CARRIERS - To transport to vet visits and to work at the hospitals and visits at functions.
  • PLAY STANDS - All sizes and types: tabletop, floor, hanging, Manzanita, PVC etc.
  • TOYS - All types and sizes.
  • PHONE BOOKS - Birds love to shred these by the hours.
  • OATMEAL CANISTERS - Great for making toys out of and sleeping in for parakeets.
  • COCONUTS - Coconuts, shells and husks are great for making toys.
  • TREE BRANCHES - For local residents. We need cut tree branches preferably with leafs. For hanging in flight to climb and play on.
  • TREES FOR PLANTING - Needed to plant in the outdoor flights and for indoor flights for the little birds to climb on.
  • BUILDING SUPPLIES - Always in need of building supplies to add on and repair existing fences and buildings.
  • VEHICLES - Can be auctioned off and proceeds go to maintain daily upkeep and maintenance at the facility.
  • GIFT CARDS - These can be redeemed for cost of building supplies.

Contact us for more information.

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Sponsor a Parrot

You can sponsor a parrot. Select one on our Sponsor Birds page.

Memorial Donations

Donations can be made in memory or in honor of a pet or loved one. A plaque will be placed on the sponsored flight for donation of $100 or more.

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