The Joshua Rescue Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) rescue foundation for companion parrots specializing in, but not limited to, birds with "special needs." Many of our birds have become victims of the economy, some are seized by Animal Control or Border Patrol, a few have just outlived their family.

Two Kindred Souls

Regardless of the route they took, once they arrive we provide them with a beautiful environment in which to flourish and thrive. We provide a special program to introduce parrots, seniors, shut-ins, high risk youth and pediatric patients. They are two kindred souls, both in need of love, attention and understanding. We as humans have desecrated the planet for so many species; it is up to us to see that our children and their children will be able to enjoy what little we have left.

Our primary goal is to provide a healthy life long environment for the parrots, so they can thrive, and flourish.

Our Oregon Home

Aviaries from a DistanceWe are located in the heart of central Oregon. With over 3000 beautiful rim-rock acres, it is an ideal place for native flora and fauna to grow and flourish with no worry of human encroachment, overuse and destruction. All the beautiful wildlife feel safe and free to roam. We could think of no better place to call home for our beloved parrots of the Joshua Rescue Foundation.

Our birds have indoor/outdoor enclosures where they can enjoy the beauty of nature, the sun on their feathers and squawking and gabbing with indigenous song birds. It is our feeling to provide the birds with the type of environment that is second only to being a truly wild bird, or being snuggled in the arms of a special someones in a forever home. Unfortunately that isn't always available. There are too many birds and not enough special someones in forever homes and as long as people keep buying, breeding and poaching these special birds, we will never be able to stop the problem.

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Sponsor a Parrot

You can sponsor a parrot. Select one on our Sponsor Birds page.

Memorial Donations

Donations can be made in memory or in honor of a pet or loved one. A plaque will be placed on the sponsored flight for donation of $100 or more.


Donations are helpful to get the birds the medical attention they need not to mention the expense of food, toys, cages and the other expenses that come with owning birds. Here's a list of the items we can use.

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