The Joshua Rescue Foundation provides a sanctuary where a bird knows its bags will never again be packed, that he or she will be accepted for the wonderful creatures they are and given love and security.

A very high percentage of parrots purchased as pets are resold or given away after two years. Parrots are generally first acquired while they are babies. Baby parrots are cute and cuddly. Then, like children, they enter their "terrible twos", a time to explore, demand attention and test limits.

During the "terrible twos" many owners find they cannot live with a bird that bosses back and bites when mad, tired or scared. They are highly intelligent creatures and cannot be controlled and dominated without serious effects, usually with the bird losing.

After some agonizing, the first family usually places the bird on consignment for resale. The once-special baby experiences its first abandonment. Defenses build—the next owner, has just acquired a bird with an attitude.

The Download Spiral Begins

Confusion leads to fear; from fear comes hostility. Eventually the bird is relegated to someone's garage or backyard and/or is physically abused. Some birds, out of loneliness and desperation, pluck out their feathers, some mutilate their bodies, others become psychotic. These are the special birds that call Joshua Rescue Foundation home. The abused, lonely, handicapped, desperate and blind, they are all here. A forever home.

Never Again Will They Feel Abandoned.

Mission Statement

Eagle's NestJoshua Rescue Foundation's mission is to provide a permanent sanctuary where previously owned parrots can flourish and thrive, and on the 1600 acres under the Organization's stewardship, to preserve the plants, animals and the natural communities that represent the diversity of life on the Oregon High Desert.

To achieve the Organization's mission, the Board of Directors consists of a biologist, a science teacher, a member of the forest service, a certified public accountant, an attorney, and a mineral consultant.

Lake Prineville

Lake Prineville Below Northern Boundary of Nature Preserve
The Eagles teach their young to fish in the lake.

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Sponsor a Parrot

You can sponsor a parrot. Select one on our Sponsor Birds page.

Memorial Donations

Donations can be made in memory or in honor of a pet or loved one. A plaque will be placed on the sponsored flight for donation of $100 or more.


Donations are helpful to get the birds the medical attention they need not to mention the expense of food, toys, cages and the other expenses that come with owning birds. Here's a list of the items we can use.

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