Click on thumbnail to meet one of our residents who would love to be your sponsored bird! Some have "mates" or "buddies." Choose one or both or a flight (macaws, tots, amazons etc.). We will send you a Certificate, Photos on Milestone days, Updates of Special Events. Support of a flight will get a Plaque in Honor or Memory of a person(s) on the flight of support. All contributors will get an Honorable Mention in our News Letter and Website unless anonymous.

Amari and Issa          Amari and IssaThey need love and understanding Babe          BabeLoves to play with the other Conures Cleo          CleoShy of new humans but very talkative Dolly and Carlos          Dolly and CarlosThey love to play music boxes and do anything together Helen and Keller          Helen and KellerRescued by a concerned citizen and brought to us Inca          IncaShe loves to take treats softly from your fingers Jaime          JaimeHe is one cool customer Mango          MangoLoves being in the water or the sun Mo          MoShe is a very bossy girl Quincy          QuincySweet, inquisitive and very smart Ricco          RiccoA Greater Sulfur Crested Triton Cockatoo Ricky and Mr. Burns          Ricky and Mr. BurnsThey love to play and preen each other for hours Ruby Jane          Ruby JaneA typical little red-head little sister Sebastian          SebastianA wonderful dude Sierra          SierraShe is in the fold of the flock Tristan          TristanLoves to play catch with a little ball Vienna          ViennaShe loves to play all day and gets into everything Violet          VioletShe is so sweet and adapting well Apollo          ApolloA real comedian April          AprilShe loves all toys and treats Babs          BabsShe loves scrambled eggs Benny and Bo          Benny and BoThey are very shy but love playing outside Crackers          CrackersHis favorite treat is pumpkin seeds in the shell Elliot          ElliotOur little clown is always up for a show Ivy          IvyShe loves to land on your shoulder and give you kisses Jack          JackHuman shy but loves to play like a wild parrot Joshua          JoshuaHe is full of love for all Mario          MarioHe is very protective of his flock Maxi          MaxiShe loves treats and playing in the sun Maxi and McKensey          Maxi and McKenseyThey love to spend their day just playing Molly          MollyOur sweet Molly Murphy          MurphyLoves to play outside and climb ropes Oscar          OscarHe loves tho climb, swing and wrestle with jangly toys Papa          PapaHe is a great alpha and a lover Toby          TobyLikes to chew yucca toys and tear up boxes Chopper          ChopperLoves to tear up boxes and crinkly toys Cisco          CiscoAn Umbrella Cockatoo Cocoa          CocoaLikes to weave ropes and tear up coconuts Daisy          DaisyA female Greater Sulfer Crested Triton Harley          HarleyVery loving and forgiving and loves cookies Jason          JasonLoves to spend the day in your lap Lexie          Lexie Louie          LouieLoves to be in the middle of everything you are doing Lucy and Big Red          Lucy and Big RedThey love the sun and being outside Misty and Goose          Misty and GooseSuch sweet knuckle heads Nugget          Nugget Powder          PowderLoves acrylic objects and toys with bells Reno Rose          Reno RoseShe is happy, friendly and the momma of the flight Rocket          RocketHe loves his cuddle rope and his big swing Sonny and Scruffy          Sonny and Scruffy Tiny and Sophie          Tiny and Sophie Tots and Dots          Tots and DotsThey really care for each other Zabar          ZabarLoves to watch the other birds Amari and IssaThey need love and understanding
Amari and Issa Babe Cleo Dolly and Carlos Helen and Keller Inca Jaime Mango Mo Quincy Ricco Ricky and Mr. Burns Ruby Jane Sebastian Sierra Tristan Vienna Violet Apollo April Babs Benny and Bo Crackers Elliot Ivy Jack Joshua Mario Maxi Maxi and McKensey Molly Murphy Oscar Papa Toby Chopper Cisco Cocoa Daisy Harley Jason Lexie Louie Lucy and Big Red Misty and Goose Nugget Powder Reno Rose Rocket Sonny and Scruffy Tiny and Sophie Tots and Dots Zabar

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